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Rory Ryan Acupuncture


For more information on our acupuncture services, contact Rory Ryan Acupuncture today!


Rory Ryan Acupuncture offers clients a range of excellent acupuncture services in Monasterevin, County Kildare. With a focus on promoting holistic health and well-being, Rory specialises in managing various health conditions, including acute and chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. The clinic provides a tranquil and welcoming environment, with two treatment rooms to cater to diverse needs.

Whether you seek relief from physical ailments or wish to experience the rejuvenating effects of cosmetic acupuncture, their skilled practitioner ensures a calming and balanced experience. Clients from Kildare, Laois, Offaly, and beyond trust Rory Ryan Acupuncture for its effective and natural healing approach, and many return for regular treatments to maintain their well-being and lead happier lives. If you're seeking a reputable acupuncture service in the area, Rory Ryan Acupuncture is the go-to destination for revitalising your health and finding relief from pain and stress.


Contact Rory Ryan Acupuncture today for a professional acupuncture therapy session in our Kildare based clinic?

Your First Visit

The diagnosis and consultation

Upon arrival, you will be directed to one of two treatment rooms, where you can relax on one of our reclining armchairs or plinths.

We will have a chat about what you want acupuncture to help with and then we go through the first part of the diagnosis.
Chinese medicine teaches us that illness is a result of the body’s internal balance becoming unsettled.


Pinpointing this internal imbalance is the aim of the diagnosis.

I begin the diagnosis by asking a series of questions about the sense organs, lifestyle, sleep and energy patterns. Theres no wrong answer to any of these questions and the more information you give the easier it is for me to diagnose accurately. Of course, you don’t have to talk about anything that you’re not comfortable mentioning.

The second part of the diagnosis is observing the tongue. The tongue can be viewed as a map of the internal body. Different colours, the surface of the tongue and its coating are all indicators as to the internal balance of the body. The next step is pulse diagnosis. Similar to the tongue, the pulses of both wrists indicate the relative strengths of the different elements within the body.
The final part of the diagnosis will, if necessary, be checking the range of motion and/or palpitation of affected joints.
The different parts of the jigsaw are then pieced together to figure what, if any underlying pattern is present and how best to treat it.


Your acupuncture treatment

Your acupuncture treatment will begin by you getting comfortable on one of our recliners or plinths as appropriate. I place fine, single use acupuncture needles at certain positions depending on the treatment goal. Normal sensations are a heaviness, tingling, pulsating, warming or cooling effect. Acupuncture needles do not need to hurt, and I tell patients that if any are uncomfortable then to let me know as it may need to be tweaked a bit (patients almost never report being hurt).

Once all the needles are in place, you simply relax for 20 to 45 minutes during which time it’s completely normal to float off, have the best snooze of your life, feel at peace or feel like you’ve been wrapped in a warm blanket. If needed, I will do cupping and/or moxibustion (heat treatment), but you will still get some time of solitude and peaceful relaxation.

At the end of the treatment all the needles are removed. After the treatment, you can expect to feel relaxed and refreshed, with aches and pains diminished. You will most likely have much less stress and more clarity and inner peace.

How do acupuncture services work?

Acupuncture services stimulate specific points on the body, known as acupuncture points or acupoints. These points are located along energy pathways called meridians, which are believed to carry vital energy or "qi" throughout the body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, a blockage or imbalance in the flow of qi can lead to various health issues.


During an acupuncture session, a trained acupuncturist inserts thin, sterile needles into specific acupoints. The insertion of these needles is generally painless, and many people experience a sense of relaxation during the process. The needles are left in place for a certain period.


Stimulating acupoints with the needles helps unblock or rebalance the flow of qi, promoting healing and restoring the body's natural balance. Acupuncture can trigger the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, leading to pain relief. It also activates the body's natural healing responses, boosts circulation, and enhances the function of the immune system.


Acupuncture is a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing the symptoms and underlying imbalances that contribute to health issues. It can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including pain, stress, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and more.


Overall, acupuncture services harness the body's natural healing abilities, promote balance, and support overall health and well-being. As a safe and effective form of complementary medicine, acupuncture has gained popularity worldwide and is essential to many individuals' health and wellness routines.

What types of acupuncture services do we offer?

At Rory Ryan Acupuncture we offer clients a range of different acupuncture services, including:

  • Acupuncture services

  • Menopause acupuncture

  • Cosmetic acupuncture

  • Pain management acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Moxicombustion

Acupuncture services

Are you looking to relieve stress? Contact Rory Ryan Acupuncture today for acupuncture services!

What does our acupuncture services treat?

At Rory Ryan Acupuncture, our acupuncture services can treat a range of different issues:

● Anxiety
● Back pain
● Digestive
● Emotion healing general health
● Fatigue
● Menopause

● Mens health
● Stress
● Muscular and skeletal injury
● Shoulder pain
● Frozen shoulder


For professional acupuncture services in Kildare, Laois or Offaly, contact Rory Ryan Acupuncture today!

The advantages of doing acupuncture services?

There are many advantages of doing acupuncture services:

● Pain relief
● Stress reduction
● Improved sleep
● Enhanced immune function
● Faster recovery

● Enhanced mental clarity
● Hormonal balance
● Digestive health
● Anxiety and depression relief


Are you in search of an acupuncture specialist in Kildare, Laois or Offaly? Conatct Rory Ryan Acupuncture today!

Acupuncture FAQ’s

What is the catchment are of our acupuncture services?

At Rory Ryan Acupuncture, we cater to Kildare, Laois and Offaly clients in our Kildare-based clinic.

What is the best way to contact us about acupuncture services?

You can contact Rory Ryan Acupuncture today about acupuncture services via email or WhatsApp.

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