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Acupuncture, the Brain and Fibromyalgia

Some studies have shown that Acupuncture activates the same areas of the brain that are activated by pain. “No surprise there!” sceptics would say since the treatment involves inserting needles into the patient. One interesting study, from the University of Michigan, showed that acupuncture increased the availability of mu-opioid receptors in certain regions of the brain meaning endorphins can be more easily received. Fibromyalgia patients are known to have less mu-opioid receptors in these parts of the brain meaning they are less receptive to endorphins. Endorphins are released naturally by the central nervous system and are known to reduce pain and increase pleasure. So this study seems to show that acupuncture may be helpful for people suffering with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. If this article raises any questions or I can be of any help please get in touch by message, email ( or by phone 0864059898. The study this article refers to can be found at

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