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Feeling Stuck? Get your Qi moving…

The push of New year’s resolutions has passed, the old habits starting to kick back in – leading to the feeling that we have not got anywhere… it’s not true, brighter days are coming. Despite the threats of beasts from the east and significant snowfalls there is a hint of warmth in the sun in the last few days. Spring, the season of upward movement and growth is upon us. However, a lot of people are not seeing it’s arrival thanks to being stuck within the home or cordoned off within the 5km limit. Many are also mentally stuck as it is hard to move forward and make plans when there is so much confusion around how we are going to exit this current crisis. Feeling stuck means that we end up stopping ourselves from beginning to move forward. The stuck emotions build up like water behind a dam, causing pressure and unnecessary tension. Things that were only small issues start to look like big problems because we see no movement. From the Chinese Medicine point of view, these stuck feelings all relate to the Qi (vital life force) being hindered in its normal flow through the body and our surrounding environment. That’s why now, as spring gathers its momentum, even more so than the first week of January is the time to embrace looking forward and freeing ourselves from being mentally stuck. Here’s a few things that might help… Take a look at the daily routine – is there space for a little tweak now that each day is getting a little brighter? Devote a little time to yourself. A few minutes of mindfulness or self love each day will help. Come up with a few things to work towards this year. If there’s a list already take the time to review it. Sow some seeds, plant a tree or a few bulbs. Take the time to notice the buds swelling on the trees and the daffodils blooming. Getting outdoors and connecting with the new growth cycle will help align yourself with the season. Add some more leafy greens like spinach to the diet to help the wood element smooth the flow of Qi. Green teas, nettle tea and dandelion tea are especially helpful this time of year. I drink mine with a small dash of honey. Engage in activities that move the Qi – qigong, taichi, yoga and pilates are all exercises that suit every level of fitness and have huge benefits. Meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises help move the blockages in our thoughts. More vigorous exercise is of great benefit physically and mentally. Acupuncture of course is all about moving, raising and restoring Qi. If this article raises any questions, or if I can help feel free to get in touch by message, text or call 0864059898 or email

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