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Lung Qi Nourishing Foods

In Chinese Medicine, the colour associated with the lung is white and the flavour is pungent (spicy). Therefore, pungent, white(ish) foods will tend to tonify the Lung Qi. Additionally, the foods listed below are commonly considered to benefit the Lung Qi.

Almonds Apple Anchovy Barley Barley Malt Black Beans Broccoli Cabbage Cardamom Carrot Cauliflower Celery Chickpeas Chicken Chilli Cinnamon Corn Cucumber Daikon radish Dates Egg Fennel Figs Garlic Ginger Herring Honey Leek Liquorice Mackerel Molasses Mushroom (white/shitake) Mustard Greens Nutmeg Oats Onion Parsnip Pear Peas Potato Pumpkin, Squash Radish Rice Rutabaga Sesame Seed Sprouted beans/peas Soybean Spelt Sweet Potato Tuna Turnip Walnut White peppercorn Yam

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