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Missing Work Due To Back Pain?

Many people end up missing out on being able to work to their full potential thanks to back pain and sciatica.

For some, it’s loss of income, not being able to enjoy exercising or even being able to sit comfortably. For others, it’s the jolt of pain when trying to lift up the kids, or bending down to pick something from the ground. Back pain can have a massive impact on a person’s life.

Some people suffer in pain for years, limiting their lives to try to avoid the pain. Many try lying flat on the floor at home to ease the pain. Others find relief through yoga, pilates, piriformis and hamstring stretching, hot water bottles, ice packs, or medicines. Deep Heat, Voltarol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Difene are commonly taken for back pain, which can help by easing pain and reduce inflammation. Unfortunately, many medicines if taken over a long period of time can begin to cause other problems, like stomach upset and nausea.

People from all walks of life can develop back pain. Poor manual handling, or poor posture while working can put massive strain on the muscles keeping the spine aligned. Something as simple as leaning forwards slightly while working on a computer can over time cause havoc for a person’s back.

When one of the nerves coming out from the spine gets trapped or pinched, by inflammation or slipped or bulging discs it sends a signal to the brain which is interpreted as pain in the back, or along the path of the nerve. If the nerve is completely pinched, numbness and reduction of mobility of an arm or leg can result.

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, pain occurs at the site of a blockage in the normal flow of Qi (the motivating life force of all things) and Blood. Numbness and loss of mobility is a result of the Qi not being able to flow into a part of the body.

My Acupuncture treatment of back pain is made up of two parts. Firstly, the blockages are treated locally and secondly any underlying causes leading to the blockage of normal flow are identified and treated. The first part of the treatment is to help reduce the pain and discomfort and the second is to allow the body the balance to begin healing itself. For some, where the back pain is relatively new, a few sessions can help the person recover fully. For others, after an initial course of treatment, regular acupuncture treatments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly can help keep on top of the condition and allow for a more normal life.

If you find yourself suffering with pain, there may be a way to ease your symptoms or fix the problem completely. I’m always happy to help, so feel free to pick up the phone (0864059898) or send me an email (, pain, Sports Injuries

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