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NICE Recommends Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced a draft Guidance Document for the management of chronic pain which has pulled together a massive amount of research and studies from around the globe. It recommends acupuncture as a beneficial treatment for the treatment of chronic pain. Most people with chronic pain (recurring pain for over three months) have tried many different medications from painkillers to antidepressants to try and cope with a life in pain. Some find relief, but know that taking many of the medications on a long term basis causes the body to build up a tolerance resulting in taking more and more to get the same level of relief. Whether its back, neck or shoulder pain, sciatica, injury related pain or degenerative tissue pain – nausea, mood swings, lethargy, not being able to drive are side effects of many of the stronger medications used. Acupuncture on the other hand involved no chemicals, and works with the body to address the pain and any underlying causes. The side effects of acupuncture usually are an improved mood, better sleep and overall improvement in quality of life and health. Usually patients feel slightly better after one or two treatments and the effect increases with each subsequent treatment. I love hearing the surprise in patient’s voices when they realise that they have had a day without pain for the first time in years. I am in Monasterevin, Co. Kildare. I’m happy to talk to anyone dealing with chronic pain to see if I can help. Feel free to get in touch via facebook, instagram by calling 0864059898 or email

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