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Pain? What is it and can Acupuncture Help?

Pain is a result of the brain interpreting signals from the nerves alerting it of damage to tissues in the body. Chinese medicine sees pain as a result of the flow of Qi (essential life force) and Blood being blocked from its normal flow around the body. It further classifies different types of pain based on what is causing it Fixed, Stabbing pain – Blood Stagnation; Pain which is worse when pressed – Qi Stagnation; Dull, achy pain – Qi Deficiency; Hot pain – either excess heat or yin deficiency; Cold pain – contracted tight pain and qi deficiency; Moving pain – wandering Bi Syndrome pain. Acupuncture treats pain by helping remove the blockages, stagnation or deficiencies causing the pain. Each treatment will ideally have a cumulative effect thus lessening the pain bit by bit until it is no longer impacting a person’s life. Living in pain or living on painkillers might not be the only options. If this article raises any questions, or if I can be of any help please feel free to get in touch here, by message, by calling 0864059898 or by emailing

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