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Shooting Pain in My Foot Stopped Me from Training

It’s a common story: “My training was going great, I could feel myself getting fitter and stronger. I had my heart set on a race in two months time. Then the pain in my foot started. It was ok for a while after I warmed up but came back with a vengeance in the middle of my planned route. I could barely hold back the tears of disappointment as I rang to get a lift home.”

Knowing that the pain is coming is enough to put anyone off their training. This can of course have a devastating effect on the person as energy levels and emotions begin to dip. It’s very easy to put the runners away saying “I’ll get back to it after a few days rest”. Of course those few days can turn into weeks, the thought of training – risking the pain again, becomes all the more daunting.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, and accounts for about 10% of running related injuries. Typical symptoms are pain on the sole of the foot radiating from the heel to the toes that is felt first thing in the morning, after rest as well as in the middle or towards the end of exercising.

The causes of Plantar Fasciitis often include a change in distance or intensity of training, micro tears of the fascia as a result of imbalance of the foot or even a change of footwear.

But it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. One patient of mine was back running after just three sessions. She had actually borrowed a crutch from a friend to get to the clinic after having to stop mid-run in pain. She described the pain as if someone was electrocuting the sole of her foot and couldn’t bear to stand on it.

The best thing to do with this type of foot pain is to examine what, if anything has changed in terms of footwear, exercise patterns and intensity. Within the first 24 hours of symptoms appearing an ice massage on the sole of the foot may help. After 24 hours, alternating hot and cold treatments can help the tissues to self heal. Rolling a golf ball around the floor with the sole of the foot can provide a gentle massage to the affected areas. This, like all musculoskeletal conditions can be relieved with correct treatment.

If experiencing symptoms like these, or other pain is interrupting life, I’m always happy to help, so feel free to pick up the phone (0864059898) or drop me an email (

After all, it’s all about getting the balance right. Rory

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