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Stuck, Given Up on New Year’s Resolutions, Not Moving Forward?

Here’s why…

Whilst winter is seen as the dormant season, under the surface the Kidney – Water element has been filling body’s the reserves of Qi in preparation for the year to come.

Now that Spring is here, the Kidney – Water element has given way to the Liver – Wood element. The stored energy in the body, just like a seed in the earth, feeds growth and expansion.

But its not all tulips and daffodils for everyone.

On one end of the scale some people may not have nurtured the water element in winter and now just cant seem to get off the starting blocks.

On the other end of the scale, others may have had a wholesome, restful winter and are now frustrated that ideas aren’t becoming plans or action and so they feel stuck in the same year after year cycle of little progression.

So, what can be done? Two simple things would be to get out in nature more (but wrap up to keep the wind from entering the pores) and start drinking green smoothies.

Of course, acupuncture can help by tonifying the weaker elements and restoring the free flow of Qi throughout the body.

Feel free to get in touch if I can be of help or with any questions this post raises. My clinic is in Monasterevin, Kildare.

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