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Post Covid Disorders

While the vast majority of people are recovering from covid with little or no lingering issues, some people are left struggling to get back to normal life. Chronic Fatigue is the most common lingering effect I am seeing with patients. Not being able to get out of bed in the morning, and spending the day waiting for any chance to lie down or collapse on to the couch are common descriptions of this syndrome. Shallow breathing or shortness of breath can get in the way of daily activities for some. Having to stop just to catch one’s breath rules out any chance of aerobic excersise and quickly grinds a person down. Others report that their sense of taste and smell has not returned. Realising that everything tastes the same; favourite foods are unappealing; cloves of garlic or sliced of fresh ginger feel spicy in the mouth but without flavour – one begins to wonder if the senses will ever return. I’m seeing more and more people with growing mental health concerns. Some are anxious about the possibility of not getting their lives back, or worse getting sick again. Others are fighting depression as a result of loosing sight of life ever returning to normal. For those trying to get back to normal life, the key thing is to look at what is being allowed into the body: Food – eat as much healthy, fresh food as possible. Ramp up your vitamin and mineral intake – make sure you are getting enough vitamin C, Magnesium, B vitamins. Avoid processed foods, avoid alcohol (overworking the liver), sugars and greasy foods (overworking the spleen). Air – get outdoors, find a quiet spot, even on the body or in the garden and focus on breath. In through the nose, expanding the belly then chest (drawing the breath down with the kidneys) Breathe out by compressing the chest first and belly second (engaging the lungs) Mindfulness and meditation – take time every day to calm and settle the mind. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath, allow thoughts to come and go as if passing by on a conveyor belt. When you find yourself focusing on a thought just focus again on your breath to let the thought go. (Settling the mind helps the Heart) Acupuncture can of course help the body bounce back too. I’m seeing repeating patterns of weakened Lung Qi combined with other patterns. Selecting the correct acupuncture points and using suitable techniques for the presenting pattern always yields positive results. If this article raises any questions please feel free to get I touch by message, email to or text/call 0864059898. Appointments are available from 8th January. Book online at

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